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Quality Grading Technology





Optical Grading

Non-destructive fruit quality scanning.


The optical system includes lights, cameras and sensors housed above and/or below the fruit being inspected.

The image processing system compares objects to user-defined accept/reject thresholds to classify objects and actuate the separation system. By using the multiple grading options the operator can select what and where the fruit goes, to one of many exits for bins, silos or directly to the packing area.

The graders use cameras b/w and color, laser and NIR to register the fruit for processing.

Lights, cameras, lasers and laser sensors are designed to give multiple readings in visible light as well as the Near Infrared (NIR) spectrums. The optimal wavelengths for each application maximize the contrast between the objects to be separated.

Cameras and laser sensors works in high resolution enabling the sorter to detect and remove smaller defects.

Consistent quality grading 27/7.

Reduce your overall labor costs with just one operator running as much as 14 tons per hour, including bin handling by truck.

The system allows for grading by size as well as weight, color, diameter, shape and external defects. Some machines are also able to sort by internal defects.

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External Grading:

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